Every year our family of three goes back to Juneau to visit the Alaska fam, my in-laws. It’s a time of relaxation and casual activities. It’s a time my daughter gets to play with cousins and learn more about how her dad grew up. The days are long and filled with learning, fun, and love. We go fishing, walking on the beach, foraging for wild berries so grandma can make jam, watch soccer games in the rain, and hike the trails.

Playing in the fireweed, watching eagles, and picking berries. The stuff Alaskan summers are made of.
Adventures around Juneau

As we get ready to leave for the summer, I’m especially excited because I’ve decided to work while we’re visiting this year. I’ve always taken my camera to capture the beauty of nature, but this year I will also be taking portraits. My niece has been asking me since last year to take her senior pictures this summer, so I decided to take some of her friend’s senior portraits, as well. How fun is that, right?

The old shed, the glacier, and fishing are a few of my favorite things found in Juneau.
Scenes in Juneau

The thing that really gets me excited is the scenery. In Albuquerque, I feel like I shoot in very specific places over and over. While that helps me to map out the shoot before I arrive, it does become a little rehearsed. In Juneau, I have a lot of places that I’ve always wanted to use as backgrounds but have never gotten the opportunity. I hope to satisfy that desire in a few weeks.

Juneau, here we come!

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