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Before make-over
Before make-over

Recently, I was privileged enough to meet this incredible woman and take her portrait.  About a year ago, she lost her beloved husband to illness. Since his passing, she has been traveling across the country scattering his ashes on the shores of his favorite fishing holes. This Christmas, she will complete her journey. With a heart that has been slowly healing, she’s ready to move on and start her new life. A life that will cherish all of the beautiful memories, yet is ready to create new ones. I truly feel blessed that I was able to help commemorate the old and celebrate this new chapter in her life.


A beautiful, modern portrait of fabulous grandmother.
Hair by Crazy Jane and makeup by Pure Radiance
You can still be sexy, flirty, and sassy when you're over fifty. Modern portraiture of mature woman.
Hair by Crazy Jane and Pure Radiance

Thank you to the wonderful team at 4611 Greene for providing the time and talent for her makeover. Michelle at Pure Radiance Advanced Skin Care and Jane at Hair by Crazy Jane.

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