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Headshots. Are you due for one?

Have you ever been handed a business card and then when you finally met the person on the card they looked NOTHING like their picture? It kinda makes you feel weird, doesn’t it? Like you’ve been betrayed in a way? Did you not partially judge your compatibility by their headshot?

I once knew a real estate agent that continued to use her favorite picture on her business cards for…wait for it… 30 years! No kidding. It kinda became a joke around our small town. I guess she was successful despite that, but that was before digital media.

A few tips:

Keep your headshot updated, please. You should consider changing it about every 2-3 years, depending on hairstyles and current profile trends. Casual is in right now.

Take the time and effort to make it great. Hire the professionals. Not only should you think about hiring a professional photographer, but also a hair and makeup artist. You’ll feel great about yourself and it will come across in the photo.

Use the same image (or set of images) everywhere. Use it on your company’s website, facebook, LinkedIn, business cards, when leaving comments on blogs or posts, and on newsletters or emails.

Make it appropriate for your position.  Headshots, in general, should be simple, realistic, and flattering representations of a person. Sometimes, a subtle addition can help define your position or your role in a specific industry.

Portrait or head shot for a jewelry consultant. It could work on a business card, an email signature, or even as a personal portrait.

Great head shot for a salon owner. The pen represents her profession as a permanent make up artist. Casual or lifestyle type headshot for cosmetologist. Love the turquoise jewelry representing her native culture.

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