What do I wear?

-This is your chance to wear ANYTHING! If you have a cocktail dress that you’ve only worn once, or those awesome shoes you bought that don’t really go with anything in your closet, maybe your favorite sweater? Whatever you feel your very best wearing? Oh, and if you don’t have a favorite outfit, what a perfect excuse to go shopping.

What do I bring?

– You’ll want to bring about 5 outfits with you. We have some tulle skirts, dresses, tops, and accessories that we can coordinate with your own pieces, too. Also, you’ll want to bring your own mascara and foundation. If you don’t have those, it’s ok. Our makeup artists are completely capable without these things, but it just makes things easier for them.

How long will it take?

– The hair and makeup artist will take about an hour to collaborate and create a specific look for you. Then, the photography session will take about 1-3 hours depending on how many outfits we choose and how many people are at the session.

Do I need to do anything ahead of time? 

– Short answer; Yes. You’ll want to prepare for your session a few days ahead of time. You’ll want to make sure you have all your outfits ready (including any props), your nails done, and your hair style done (coloring, haircut, etc.).

Can I bring my friends?

– Yes! Bring a couple of girlfriends! Or bring your mom and daughter and have a 3 generation portrait taken. You can even invite your significant other AFTER we’ve done some single portraits. It’s the perfect time to hit the town all dressed up!

How much is it?

– Our packages start at $400 with a la carte options.

Please email us for more information!

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