breakfast serenade



For those of you who are in the know, we started our breakfast rotation with pancakes. For those of you who are clueless, I’ll explain.

We arrived to the grandparents house late on Friday night, had a snack of crackers, ham, and cheese. Then we hit the hay (as my mom would say). ¬†We woke up to the delightful and oh-so-familiar smells of coffee and pancakes. You see, my father-in-law, grampa, only serves two breakfast dishes; pancakes and french toast. Every day for countless years it has been pancakes or french toast. He’s very kind in asking what we usually eat for breakfast, but then explains that he only knows how to make two dishes.

I was a rebel yesterday morning. I ate oatmeal. He didn’t mind. He’s pretty easy going about breakfast. So easy going that when my 3 year old daughter brought him his harmonica, he played a couple of old German polkas for us.

He’s been playing the two harmonicas pictured above for over 50 years now. He explained that his mother taught him how to play and she showed him how to do the “ump-pa-pa, ump-pa-pa’s” with his tongue. He talked another hour or so over coffee about his mom, sister, and his life in Germany. Lots of memories in a harmonica.

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