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5 Quick Posing Tips for Moms



I made a little video today to explain the 5 ways to pose yourself for photos, but if you would like to skip the humiliation and poor image quality I’ve also listed them below.

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I’m using these two photos of Pam to show the difference body posture makes in a portrait. The left one shows how to create a great shape to look slimmer and the right one shows how to look more assertive. I’m going to assume that for the majority of your pictures you just want to look skinny, right? Here are the tips:

1. Turn your body at a 45 degree angle to the camera.

There are not a lot of people that look their best facing strait on to the camera. By turning slightly, you will slim your shoulders and hips.

2. Put your weight onto your back foot. 

If you put your weight on the FRONT foot, your bottom half will be closer to the camera and look larger. By shifting your weight to the BACK foot, your hips will appear slimmer.

3. Show off your waist line. 

When you have your arms right next to your body, it creates the illusion that your waist is much larger. Separate your arm from your body so the camera can see that hourglass shape!

4. Lean forward slightly. 

It doesn’t have to be dramatic, just a little lean from your waist towards the camera will do fine. This will bring your face closer to the camera and since your body is now further away, it will appear slimmer. Easy peasy!

5. Bring your chin down. 

I know this sounds horrible. So many of us get a double chin in pictures and tend to raise our chin up unconsciously to smooth out our neck. Looking up your nose is not flattering, ladies.  This tip is to fix the double chin! The secret is before you bring your chin down, you push it forward and THEN down. This simple little movement will bring your face, and more importantly your eyes, closer to the camera.


There you have it. Short and sweet. One way to remember all this it to start positioning yourself from the bottom, up.  Also, you can practice in the mirror. 🙂